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Rob has owned multiple businesses. He is a former US Marine and is a lover of people and fun and loves to help people have fun! He is a master at creating an environment where everyone feels like family. Melissa's background is finance. But her creative side won out several years ago when she stepped away from insurance brokerage to pursue flowers full time. While she's been playing with flowers for over 20 years, designed flowers for hundreds of events, her real passion is the people. We do it all for the look on our clients faces when we bring their events to life.  The flower bar allows us to do that every day. We love creating bouquets  to take home or give to a loved one. We love taking houseplants and helping people bring life to their homes and businesses. 

How The Flower Bar Came To Be

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We are often asked what inspired The Flower Bar. In a word, COVID. As the world stopped in March 2020, so did events and our ability to create event florals. Rob convinced Melissa to open up shop and she agreed, but under one condition: it had to be an interactive flower shop. One where people could come see what our local farms were producing. Where they could see, touch and smell the flowers that they wanted in their arrangements. A place where we could help a client design or do it for them. A place where they could get curated floral novelties and gift boxes. A place where they could take a workshop with us and learn to do anything from making bath bombs to Christmas wreaths to centerpieces. 

We decided that designing would be a lot more fun if our clients could bring their friends and have a drink, and heck, while they are at it, why not create their own drink as well?! And The Flower Bar was born. 

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Considered by many to be Charlotte's best wedding florist, owner Melissa has been dedicated to her floral design business for over 10 years.

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